Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hindu Godmen

I don't enjoy bringing dark esoteric business to the fore but a great deal of energy is being expended to keep some profound truths well hidden. Hardly anyone is tackling one of the major deceptions of the ages head on with experience, so with a sense of reluctant fortitude I'm helping the exposure of some quite convoluted spiritualities. 

 Into the fray as they say:

"... when we have no one to grope towards, no devil to lay our blame upon, no Personal God to carry our burdens, when we are alone responsible, then we shall rise to our highest and best. I am responsible for my fate, I am the bringer of good unto myself, I am the bringer of evil. I am the Pure and Blessed One... I have neither death nor fear, I have neither caste nor creed. I have neither father nor mother nor brother, neither friend nor foe, for I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute; I am the Blissful One, I am the Blissful One. I am not bound by either virtue or vice, by happiness or misery. Pilgrimages and books and ceremonies can never bind me. I have neither hunger nor thirst; the body is not mine, nor am I subject to the superstitions and decay that come to the body, I am Existence, Knowledge and Bliss Absolute; I am the blissful One, I am the Blissful One." - Swami Vivekananda

Ye false godz! Really Vivekananda, REALLY?  Allow me to be a dissenting voice: No, not really. Influenced by hindu thought waves and hypnotised by many an affirmation/perfidious mantra I used to think like him, however, for very good reasons I see differently and must rebuke anyone obviously claiming to be GOD.
Deeply self-critical I'm not into shameless self-promotion like historical and new age godmen. I regularly second guess the influence of my own subtler ego and my feelings because - contrary to popular opinion - such things are not a hotline to Truth. Something's consistently held me back from excessive public self-magnification yet I see so many puffing themselves up with arrogance to spare, allowing for a quite grotesque ego-inflation sold as spiritual sanity. They fall for the oldest lie in the book: being as gods. Spiritual pride and no little vanity loves such fantastical notions, always mistaking fiction for Truth their eyes are open wide to hermetic bullshit.

O'er the past 25 years I've been more or less interested in every major guru of the last couple centuries and a few minor ones too, and for all the enlightenment such "godmen" proclaim they indulge in some well dodgy activities and harbour a lot of dark thoughts and emotions.

Vivekananda's ego enchanting spiel is the sort of uber-mysticism fueling the hordes of spiritual dilettantes and idiot savants of our days, those troops of beguiled ones who're certainly not awakening to the actual Truth and definitely not rising to the "highest and best" of themselves but to the worst of misapprehensions and self-appraisals.

An eager attendee of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church sanctioned World Parliament of Religions in 1893 Vivekananda had a massive effect promoting the madness of both classical and neo-vedantic hinduism, allowing the rise of the ridiculous - make it up as they go along - gurus/godmen/spiritual criminals such as Osho, Maharishi and Adi Da Samraj to name but three: putting themselves up as mediators between God and man and initiating large swathes of humanity into their cults: stealing innumerable souls and puffing them up them with sweet sounding noxious ideologies.

Vivekanandas presumptuous "I Am" chants arise from strong delusion esoterically procured via supposed states of enlightenment and proffered to the masses, the main purpose of which was to negate the despised influence of christianity in 19th century India. They were at the time and still are the "I Will's" of an ancient self-exalted spirit initiating the new wave of Blavatskian/luciferic theosophy. 
It is the dominant "I Will" presence  behind Vivekananda's twisted view of  "I Am" that continues to rule the modern world. 

Hinduism like most other religions was initiated by pagan "gods" by any other name, fallen beings with earth their playground setting themselves up as gods and goddesses. There is a mind, a god running the planetary show - the intellectual system behind it - permeating the "spirituality" of it and a lot more besides: fooling multitudes into believing esoteric fallacies. That mind is cleverer than any human. Whether or not we believe we have forward thinking creative mind following our own spiritual path that mind always overshadows us, harnessing mankind's creative energies for it's nefarious purposes, using whatever means necessary to secure our cooperation: appealing to intellect, stroking egos, ingratiating with astral glamourings and - where necessary - drugging people with feelings of energy or "bliss" like so many spiritual junkies, generating the manifold delusions of grandeur so prevalent today.

Vivekananda's revered guru Ramakrishna held fast to a romantised belief that all paths lead to the same God, promoting the all religions as one scenario, which, on the face of it, seems innocent enough but actually has a seriously shady causality behind it. Contrary to what many a new ager would have you believe being older doesn't make a religion better situated in Truth, far from it: unbeknownst to multiple historical and contemporary "sages" spiritual corruption is atavistic.

Hinduism is a one of a number of successful esoteric perversions imposed upon the human soul, such things are obvious with eyes to see; all those millions of farcical indian "holy" men, or sadhus for instance, perpetually stoned and thinkin' they're full power shiva - are full power bullshitters: I mean come on, what a grand show of spiritual misrepresentation. There is a surreptitious supernatural power behind hinduism's many factions and peculiarities that isn't necessarily good because it sounds good, and that applies to the entire "new age." The common groupthink is this: there's nothing untoward in the spiritual realms, it's all fluffy love 'n' light happening for the good of all, and if there's anything bad occurring it's not their concern. Rubbish, it concerns them entirely because they've bought into stupendous bullshittery. My whole call here is we have to stop being naive and unquestioning about our inherited systems of religion and/or spirituality because the illustrious purveyors were dupes of the highest order.

Hinduism is a massive existential ruse millions have literally fallen for. Buddhism falls entirely into the same category. The original metaphysics of human consciousness was deeply compromised and we've inherited and live with the consequencies: an absurd world divorced from Divinity. For all the self-righteous pomposties hinduism is a twisted religion providing no answer to the why's and wherefores of the historic and contemporary human situation, aside from concepts of "māyā" and a huge cosmic cycle, which cannot be verified; instead hindu's skate around and never address the issue head on, alternately detouring into an imposed fantasy cosmos populated by fantastical beings. Why is that? I will answer in this blog.

Hindu style "neo-vedantists" were occupied by a resurgent dark power either privy to or unaware of; the great irony is those who vehemently consider themselves - or others - to be awake and/or enlightened are anything but; they are still fast asleep and living lucid dreams - the "light" they shine is actually darkness. The abiding spirit - the oversoul or higher self - of the world can appear as an angel of light or a god/dess, or manifest as artificial intelligence, or some trippy looking hybrid deity suiting the belief system or culture of whatever fustian individual within it's sights, tapping into idealised and romantic ideals.

Ramakrishna certainly was a major in that respect.

As it happens here's a stylisation of an old photo I remembered seeing while writing this, of Ramakrishna giving - from his "blissful" state - the hail satan salute. It's no accident one of the 3 or 4 decent pics available of him caught that for posterity. He's obviously returning a gesture given to him in visions of his "mother goddess." However twisted the meaning in the modern mind the sign is a salute/acknowledgement of satan, nothing else. It's no use dismissing that anymore than it's useful to dismiss the nazi's use of the swastika because (we're told) it's a good symbol used for evil purposes. It isn't, it is a symbol not of Spirituality but of pagan/sun worship with all of the corruptions inherent therein. There are a plethora of symbols in use both ancient and modern, esoteric and secular, vying for our attentions - guiding mankind into much untruth and self-delusion - that don't mean what we've been led to believe. Such things become clear when you realise True Spirit uses no symbols whatsoever, in anything, while the adversarial powers-that-be use them prolifically.

There he is saluting and exalting satan within his heart, and by his disciple Vivekananda secured many souls in the 20th century: a hindu revivalism that still saturates the new age. I used to be enamoured by those characters - not anymore. The longed planned for one world religion they represent stems from an esoteric/babylonic conspiracy.